Julydeclaration of dependenct 1, 2016


Jeremiah 17:7

Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord and whose hope is in the Lord.

Today I would like to talk to you about declaring your dependency!  For this to be the best year ever you are going to have to have a “dependency” on God and His Word.   On July 4th we celebrate freedom, when the chains of being a prisoner of tyranny were broken.   Real freedom is not being independent from God and dependent on man.  It is just the opposite.   “Dependency” on God and His Word is the only thing that brings freedom; that brings the miraculous.  One time Jesus met a man who for 38 years was crippled.  He spent every day of his life hoping and trusting on someone else for his freedom that never happened.  Jesus asked him a question.  Do you want to be healed?   He was asking, “Do you want to be free?”  If you are really serious, then get up, pick up your mat and be on your way!  When the man was suddenly dependent on what Jesus said and what He said to do, the man was miraculously healed.  The rest of John, chapter 5 tells how this man remained free, by declaring his “Dependency’ on Jesus and His words.   He became a new prisoner…a prisoner of HOPE.  (Zech. 9:12)  Hope, as you recall, is a joyful expectation of good happening in your life.   When you do that…declaring “dependency” upon God and His Word…God goes on to say, “I will declare, I will restore twice as much to you!”   So declare your dependency today.  Some people trust the power of chariots or horses, but we will trust you Lord God (Psalm 20:7).   If you will do that… it will not only be the best year ever, but God also declares, He’ll give you double with it  because….Love Never Fails!   





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