intimidationMay 27, 2016


Philippians 1:28Amplified Bible (AMP)

28 “And do not for a moment be frightened or intimidated in anything by your opponents and adversaries, for such constancy and fearlessness will be a clear sign, proof, and seal to them of their impending destruction, but a sure token and evidence of your deliverance and salvation and that from God.

For this to be the best year ever, the scripture says that we are not to be intimidated by our enemies.  As strange as it may seem, our enemies are being used by God to bless us!   David would have never been king if there was no Goliath.  The book of Psalms would never have been written if there was no Saul in David’s life.  Without Pharoah, there would be no Moses and the Red Sea deliverance.  Any current opposition is not there to stop you, but to establish you.  It’s not only preparing you, but it’s also bringing you closer to your destiny.  (Psalm 23…  You treat me to a feast, that You’ve arranged.  A six course dinner it will be right in front of my enemies.  They will have to watch.”)   Even Jesus needed Judas!  Instead of being paralyzed by the opposition, the fear, the worry;  respond in faith!  God is actually making the enemy a footstool (Psalm 110).  In other words, it is sent to increase you, not decrease you.  When you refuse to be intimidated, the scripture says this is a clear sign to the opposition of their impending destruction.  One translation says, “the enemy has no choice but to run up the white flag of surrender.”  Know who you are in Christ.   You are a son and daughter of a king and not just any king, but the KING OF KINGS.  That can never change!  Don’t let the challenge change you; you change the challenge.  The more the infliction, the more the provision; the more the pressure, the more the power;  what was meant to defeat me, is really promoting me to have the best year ever and it’s all because of love.  His love that never fails for me.  (A sure token, evidence of deliverance and salvation from God.)

….Love Never Fails!   





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