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“If you are seized by what you said, stuck by the words of your mouth, then do this, my son, to free yourself.”  Proverbs 6:2-3a

For five months now, I’ve been talking to you about how this is the best year ever and your reply may be “when will this happen?”    It seems every time you turn around, instead of things getting better, they get worse!    I say this respectfully, but as the above-mentioned verse states, the problem could be with your words.    Most people do not realize they are creating a world by the way they speak.   If today you feel like you are stuck or seized, unable to move forward, and are not seeing any real results, it is most likely due to what you are saying!

One of my favorite products that I like to use when something is stuck or seized up and can’t be moved easily is WD-40.   The product is designed to loosen seized up or stuck parts.  The way it works is you have to spray it on the part that is stuck or seized.  Then it is important to let it soak awhile so that the lubricant does its job.   It loosens the rust built up around the part and then you are able to move it again or free it up from being stuck.

Perhaps today you have been in a trial which has gone on for what seems like forever.   You want it to be the best year ever, but you do not see how it can be!   What you need to do is spray some WD-40 on it.  40 in the Bible, is always the number for trials.  The children of Israel spent 40 years in the wilderness; Jesus was tempted for 40 days.  The way out of your being stuck – your wilderness – and your temptation is to apply WD.   The “WorD”of God.  The root word for wilderness in Hebrew is debar .  It means to speak.  For you to experience the best year ever, you will have to change the way you have been speaking.   To get unstuck, freed up, and moving again, it is going to take you purposefully applying God’s “WorD” to your life.   What is interested about the can of WD-40, is it comes with a red narrow tip for targeting the stream of lubricant into the area that needs it the most.   The powerful blood of Jesus is ready to get you unstuck today!   To free you up and loosen that situation that doesn’t want to move!   Get into agreement with what the blood is saying.  The way out of your wilderness, your temptation, is to speak!    Narrow your words with “I’m blessed,  I’m free, I’m strong,  I’m the head and not the tail,  I shall live and not die,  Today is the day the Lord has made,  I’m going to rejoice and be glad it in!!!”

Now let this soak in and meditate on it – it will loosen the most stubborn things in your life.   Just like WD-40 was designed to loosen stubborn parts, God’s “WorD” will do the same when you speak the way He speaks and it will be the best year ever because….Love Never Fails!    Just Spray it!!! 





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