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By *faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that the things which are seen were not made of things which are visible.”  Hebrews 11:3 NKJV

Wow, there is so much in this one little verse that will enable you to have the best year ever that it is going to be difficult to express it all in this segment!  So, if you are ready…let’s go!   First, for you to enjoy this year, or any time in salvation (your new birth), know that it is all done and established by faith (me responding POSITIVELY to God all the time always for what He has done, not going to do, but has already done…  meaning it is in place for me now!) through Grace/Jesus.  Before the cross, God had to do everything for the people.  They had to keep asking for all things.  This was the result of a sin fallen world, removed from Grace (unmerited favor, preferential treatment, unusual assistance and irresistibility.  Now however, because of the cross and Jesus shedding His blood and because of the empty tomb, there is no more having to do, but through me!   The writer of this verse says that it is faith first then understanding follows – not logic or that natural first, but the supernatural.  Put God’s Word first even when it doesn’t make sense to the natural mind.  Even if what you are currently looking at is trying to say there is no hope & you might as well face the facts, just remember facts change, not truth, which is God’s Word.  Though you may not see it, the truth is this: right now everything is in place, already framed for you to access and enjoy.  If today you don’t like what you are currently seeing, change what you are saying and you’ll see the difference!  Notice the worlds were framed by the Word of God…that means your world has been already framed, not going to be, it already has been secured, it’s “all-ready” for you!   The word framed means, arranged in advance, set in order, fully equipped, nothing missing, nothing lacking, fitted, tailor-made.  God has set your world in place for you to enjoy.  It’s time now to participate in it.  It won’t happen by logic or reason, it happens by faith!  If you’ll stand up on the inside, it will appear on the outside.  So start SAYING what you SEE because Greater is He that is in you, and you’ll SEE what His word SAYS!    This is the best year ever, purchased by love because…Love Never Fails!





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