Peter the fisherman 300x225April 29, 2016


 “But you denied and rejected and disowned the Pure and Holy, the Just and Blameless One, and demanded [the pardon of] a murderer to be granted to you.” Acts 3:14, Amp.


For this to be the best year ever you are going to have to do like Peter did.  This verse of Acts 3:14 in the Amplified version is amazing to read.  Peter, who actually did deny Jesus, (remember it was three times to be precise) is saying to the people and religious leaders, “you are the ones who did this to the Prince of Life.  I had nothing to do with it.”  How can Peter say this?   The answer is found in John chapter 21… Peter tried to go back to being a fisherman again; a symbol of his old life, but Jesus wouldn’t let him.   Jesus forgave Peter and restored him and forever washed away any part of his old life.  Peter became and remained a new creation in Christ.  (II Corinthians 5:17&18).  Peter went from a fisherman to a finished man.  That’s why he could stand up that day and say he had no part in it.  That person no longer existed.  Peter is declaring that there is no use in trying to fish around for any evidence or try to hook him to his past!   He’s a finished man… When Jesus said it is finished, it meant that anyone who calls on the name of the Lord, goes from a fisherman to a FINISHEDman –  There is nothing that can anchor you any longer to that smelly life you once lived.  Do like Peter did:  stand up, be bold.  It’s the best year ever Finishman!   It’s been purchased, it’s already done and waiting on you!  Love did this and …Love Never Fails!





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