dontMarch 11, 2016


“Do not answer him.”   II Kings 18:36 NIV




  King Hezekiah was being threatened by another kingdom.   This king and his kingdom were much larger and stronger than the King of Israel and its people.  Hezekiah does something very important – he instructs the people and all of his officials to remain silent and say nothing in reply… “do not answer him”.   For this to be the best year ever that you have ever experienced, you will need to “STAY” in faith.  (Faith…me responding to God, “positively”, all the time, always.)  Whatever the situation or circumstances that you are faced with this year, know it will always be bigger and more powerful than you in this natural world.  Therefore,  it will be important for you to stay in faith – this new world where impossibilities are brought down to bow before you, son and daughter of the Most High God!  Yes, that’s who you are!   He tells us in His Word, “The Just (those who are in right standing with God because of the blood of Jesus) shall live by faith.”  Let me say this, and it is so vital, prayer doesn’t make faith work.  It’s faith (me responding positively to God, His Word, all the time, always) that makes prayer work.  So don’t respond to the threats, the suggestions of fear and doom.  Respond to God’s Word.  Here’s what He says about your enemy.  “Who Do You Think it is you’ve insulted?  Who do you think you’ve been bad mouthing?   Before whom do you suppose you’ve been strutting?   I’m the HOLY ONE OF ISRAEL, that’s who I AM!   You’ve dispatched your little errand boys to humiliate my son’s, my daughters, and to humiliate me.   You brag with your chariots, your army.  You brag about how you are on top of the mountain.  News Flash!   Did it ever occur to you that the I AM is behind all this?   Long, long ago I drew up the plans and now I’ve gone into action.  I’ll leave you as useless as weeds, fragile as grass, insubstantial as windblown chaff.

 Let me sum it all up;  you won’t enter this city (touch my beloved) nor shoot so much as a single arrow there.  You won’t brandish a shield, won’t even begin to set siege.  I’m sending you home by the same road you came.  You won’t enter this city.  God word!  I’ll shield this city (you, son and daughter).  I’ll protect this city for my sake and for David’s sake."  Message Bible,  II Kings 19.

Isn’t that awesome how love has responded and as you know….Love Never Fails!






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