A Year of Greater
July 21, 2017

Proverbs 21:30, AMP
“There is no (human) wisdom or understanding or counsel (that can prevail) against the Lord.”

Do you have a dream of a better life, a greater life, a desire to see your family and yourself living the good life?   Did you know that God has already arranged all of that for you and made it ready for you to enjoy… not someday in the sweet by and by, or “when we all get to heaven, what a day of rejoicing that will be”… No!! It’s ready now…today!   Today is the day of your salvation (Soteria, is the Greek word for salvation which means deliverance, protection, peace, health, joy, safety, healed, whole, made to do well in any position or place, prosperity and living a non-typical life).

Here is the exciting part; nothing on this earth…no one, no thing, no forces of darkness, nor any human being… can stop what God has already planned, put in place, and made secure for you by the sacrifice of Jesus!  To reign in life as Romans 5:17 AMP declares, “reign like a king in THE KINGS plan of my life”, will require me to enforce it, not to be passive, but to be passionate about it and go for it! Take it by force; by way of enforcement. God said in His word to put on the whole armor of God. The armor of God is for pursuing not fleeing. It’s not for you and I to be passive - it’s a call to action. This is not for a boring, defeated life. This life in Christ, this salvation, is anything but typical. It’s time to get started - no more waiting around. Release Holy Spirit! Did you know or realize Holy Spirit is the enforcer of salvation, righteousness (to be always in right standing with God)?   Holy Spirit is the muscle in the earth left by Jesus on our behalf and He’s not your typical wind you may be use to.   No, He’s a rushing mighty wind! Able to shake buildings, open prison doors, blind eyes if need be, stop boasting evil spirits and much more! He flows on the words of believers who pursue righteousness by prayer!   Prayer is the pursuit of all that’s righteous and anything secured in righteousness by Christ Jesus for me. Prayer, this way of praying, is not your typical way of praying - begging and pleading, bargaining with God. No, prayer is me proclaiming, declaring, demanding my rights, my case of righteousness, secured for me by Jesus!  When I do this, Holy Spirit does what HE does best. Enforces my being in right standing with God, and nothing- no wisdom, no council, no understanding - can prevail against the Lord.

It is a year of greater…let’s flex our muscle in salvation – do it today!
Proclaim your righteousness in Christ!




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