A Year of Greater

June 30, 2017


Exodus 17:15 KJV

“And Moses built an altar and called the name of it Jehovah-Nissi.”


Have you given up, perhaps even run up the white flag of surrender, feeling like you can’t go on? Let me encourage you. First, this is not a time to quit.   It’s not a time to surrender. This is your year of greater! Greatness is in you! You have the most powerful force in all of the universe right now living inside of you – (The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit).

In this story of Exodus 17, God told the people of Israel to camp in Rephidim which means “resting place!” This territory happened to be occupied by a warring nation called Amalek which means “worry”. God had his people - the chosen people; the people He loves; the ones He delivered out of bondage - to purposely camp (to rest, meaning to be free from worry) right in the middle of worry! The territory of Rephidim was not really the most hospitable place to set up camp. Really, there was nothing around… it was a desert belonging to the Amaleks. Yet, God said camp here!

Today, this moment, this year, from now on, that’s exactly what you need to do…. set up camp! The camp of rest, (free from worry) right in the middle of worry! Moses built an altar in the desert and called it Jehoval-Nissi (the Lord our Banner). Why don’t you now do the same thing… alter your desert and take down the white flag of surrender, fear, stress, and worry - right in the middle of worry- and send up the banner of the Lord. Unlike the white flag of surrender that has nothing on it, that is nothing but the cares and worries of this world, the banner of the Lord carries the symbols of the empty cross, the empty tomb! When this banner is put on display, when it is put up and unfurled, it is clear to all who see it that this is the territory of victory - this is the place of “it is finished”!   Every enemy is defeated in this place… it is the camp of Greater is He that is in me than worry, fear, trouble that is in this world. It’s time to go from just saying the battle is not yours, to believing it. Decide right now to build an altar that will alter this desert of the enemy of worry. Believe that you are done with fear, worry, stress and sleepless nights. Today decide to camp here in the finished work of Jesus Christ and send up the banner of the Lord…victory;   uninterrupted victory.  It’s easy to send up this banner, just start right now to praise Him, thank Him. Thank you God for Jesus! Profess that you are blessed; you are free! Acknowledge that Jesus is Lord and King of Kings and He lives in you and is always for you.   Take down the white flag of nothing… nothing but worrying, stress, fear and cares. Release the banner of the Lord your God. By doing this, you’ve just demonstrated the battle has been won, the battle is done! You did it by praise! When the praises go up, (Jehovah – Nissi, The Lord our Banner) the white flag of surrender comes down in your life and goes up in the enemies camp!

Welcome to summer camp…Camp Greater, where our Banner, The Lord Our Banner is always on display!





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