A Year of Greater
June 9, 2017

Philippians 4:19 Amp
“But my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”

Did you know that all your needs have already been met?  That’s right, it’s not a type-o.  Everything you could ever have need of has already been anticipated and secured for you by Jesus Christ.  When Jesus said “it is finished” on the cross, not only was all sin forever addressed, the devil was also thoroughly defeated and the way that was blocked is now open to full provision.  Every need, all and everything you could ever have a need of, or ever will have a need of, is now open to you.  It is impossible to have redemption without total provision securely in place.  God The Father, The Holy Spirit, along with all of the angels are waiting on you to direct them to whatever you have need of this day, this month, this year and for the rest of your life, here on this earth!  It was Jesus and what He did for us at the cross, who secured everything we would need for life and godliness (I Peter 1:3).    The Father,  The Holy Spirit and all of heaven draws from this now.  It is no longer up to God to respond to my need; He has responded  by sending Jesus and Jesus permanently secured an endless supply on my behalf, and all of heaven will draw from it for me when directed to do so.  I now get to direct that power (the Father, the Holy Spirit, all of the angels) to that need.  The scripture says “He knows what you have need of before you even ask (direct)”  Mathew 6:8.   You still have to direct that power  where to go.  For example, the doctors report says you have (____  you fill in the blank).  There is now a need for healing that is supplied by Jesus, already in place – not coming down from Heaven, but inside of you, where the Father, Son and Holy Spirit abide…dwell.  

Now my prayer should sound like this:  *“Father, here’s the report.  But I believe that by the stripes of Jesus I am healed.  That healing has been provided by Jesus on the cross.   I command this (____whatever it is) to stop – you are arrested in Jesus Name and I release healing that is in my body in Jesus Name"*.  Immediately, because of the use of Jesus’ Name, the Father, Holy Spirit and all of heaven go to work drawing from what Jesus has supplied in redemption… pushing out sickness and putting in place healing where sickness once abided.  This is true for anything in your life.  Heaven will draw from the supply of riches in glory securely put in place with your name on it by Jesus Christ.  Pushing out, pulling in, replacing or restoring, building up or demolishing, throwing out or ushering in.  A year of Greater waits for you in supply!  Take that power and direct a same old year of less to be thrown out and usher in Greater today in Jesus Name!  




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