A Year of Greater
June 2, 2017

Mark 11:23 Amp
"And Jesus said (You say to Me) If you can do anything?  (Why) All things can be (are possible) to him who believes.”

The “power” to change any situation, I mean really any and all situations, is in you!   The empty cross along with the empty tomb is God responding to you, so you can live a holy life:  It is so important to understand that the word "holy" means separate, set apart for power and with power!  Being born -  again all my sins forever forgiven- means The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit have come into my life forever.  That is “THE POWER!”   The power in me to change any situation is ready, available and able, waiting on me to release them by authority given me through the blood of Jesus Christ.  Authority is voice activated, it’s faith in God’s Word that what I have spoken, I believe has happened, is happening.  I have released power (The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit) permission to do what only they can do…deliver, heal, remove, stop, interrupt time, over-turn decisions against me, revive, return, restore, advance and change anything and all things to those who believe!  

Jesus said speak to your mountain not Him or God (Mark 11:23).  To see change happen, or experience this power, the releasing of the Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit, start speaking to your mountain about God, not to God about your mountain.  Power waits for authority to direct it where it should go by words expressed in faith.  In the name of Jesus I speak to lack; your days are over.   I release prosperity and abundance!  In the name of Jesus I speak to pain – your days are over.  Stop now.  I release healing in my body.  For everything and anything to change the power is there.  This is your year of Greater, so take a power walk today,  have a power lunch, drink a power aide and enjoy a power nap!  The most powerful force in the universe is in you waiting to be directed where to go – Greater is He (them) that are in you than anything that is in this world.  All things are possible (full of power) to those who believe.  You are fully charged with 3 bars of power – now use them!!  




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