**A Year of Greater **
**May 19, 2017**

*Job 22:28 Amp
“You shall also decide and decree a thing and it shall be established for you; and the light (of God’s favor) shall shine upon your ways.”*

Well, have you decided to believe, to participate in a year of greater?   The scripture says you get to decide.   What you believe and who you believe is your choice!   You can either go with God’s word and what it says about you, or you can go with what people have said about you.  The truth is you get to decide and then decree it!  

Who are you?  You decide!   

To decree is something only kings can do…royalty.   When a decree by the king was declared, the fastest messengers on horseback would race from the capital to all the parts of the kingdom to enforce what the king had decreed.   It was an order.   A command that would be carried out.   **THE KING HAS DECREED!**    The decree could be about anything on the topic of anything.  No matter what it was, everything and everyone would have to do what was decreed.   

Greater is ready to happen for you.  You get to decide – you get to choose it!  If you don’t choose, if you don’t decree, someone else will!   Don’t hand your future over to someone else.  Decide to go with greater – what God’s word says about you this year!    Decree – *“I’m not handing my peace, my joy, my family’s safety, to anyone!   I have decided to follow and believe God’s word. I am declaring as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.  I’m going to live for Him.  No weapon forged against me can prosper.  The blessings of the Lord are commanded upon me.  I’m blessed and so are the generations of my family after me.   My Father owns cattle on a thousand hills and He shares them all with me.  I decree greater blessings, greater joy, peace and prosperity.  This is a year of greater.”*

If you have just said that then your words have just touched off a whirlwind of activity.   Angels are now racing to carry out and enforce what you have just said.  **THE DECREE IS GIVEN** – everything and anything will have to do what was ordered.   *“It shall be established for you and the light (of God’s favor, His power, His capacity, His ability) shall shine (enforce it) upon your ways*.




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