**A Year of Greater**
**April 28, 2017**

*John 16:23 NKJV
“And in that day you will ask me nothing.  Most assuredly, I say to you whatever you ask the Father in My Name He will give you!”*

Jesus said in that day… what day?  That day He defeated all sin, sickness, poverty, all of darkness and Satan’s entire kingdom --- that day!!    Here’s the good news, if you are born again, forever washed in the blood of Jesus Christ, today is that day!!   Now you can use the name of Jesus to obtain anything that pertains to life and godliness through the knowledge of Him (*what Jesus did at the cross*).  

The name of Jesus is not just a way to end a prayer and that’s it…no, it is more that.  When I use the name of Jesus, I am releasing power called Grace.  (*God’s ability, capacity, and all His power*) through faith (*certain, without any doubt*) in that Name and this day of salvation that what has been secured for me and for my entire life, I will receive and enjoy!

There’s a table prepared for you right now, fully furnished with anything you might need or even want, and according to scripture, you and I are seated with Christ there.  I now use the name of Jesus to move whatever is on that table for me, to me, so that I can enjoy it (*that your joy may be full – fully satisfied*).

Perhaps this may help.  Let’s say I am at a table that is twenty feet long and at the other end of that table there is the main dish of which I really want.  To get what is down there to where I am, I simply ask “would you please pass the main dish?”    I begin a process of moving what’s on the table coming to me and no matter how many people are at the table no one will refuse my request for what I have asked for (*most assuredly, I say to you whatever you ask the Father in my Name, He will give you.*)

 This is a year of greater - an entire year fully furnished for you by Jesus to enjoy.  Get the process started today…it’s your year of Greater.  Ask the Father anything in Jesus Name and it will end up right where you are today… seated with Christ.  So enjoy, greater has been served up for you!  




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