"A Year of Greater
August 11, 2017"
Job 3:25-26
“What I feared has come upon me; What I dreaded has happened to me.  I have no peace, no quietness; I have no rest, only trouble came and it keeps coming upon me.”

Prov. 23:7
“For as He think’s within himself, so he is.”

Psalm 116:10
“I believed (think);therefore I said.”

II Corinthians 4:4
“It is written:  I believed (think) therefore I have spoke.  With that same spirit of faith we also believe (think on everything after the resurrection of Jesus – not trying to get victory, I am in victory, I am the victorious) and therefore speak.”

No one ever said a single word without first thinking it.   You will only ever speak by what you think or have thought.  The spiritual world, the mental world, and the physical world listen for what comes out of my mouth.  This is the stepping into authority called prayer – expressed by a mouth only after thinking!  You may call it everyday conversation, but it really is prayer!   The using of authority that’s creating your world!  Your mind cannot carry on wrong thoughts, bad thoughts, when you speak the word of God. … try it!    You get what you think, because you’ll always speak what you think!

Phil. 4:8

“Finally brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just (to always be in right standing with God) whatsoever things are pure (forever forgiven) whatsoever things are lovely (God loves me forever, He cannot mismanage my life), whatsoever things are of a good report (its impossible to lose my salvation, because Jesus secured it) if there be any virtue (Grace is God’s power, God’s ability, God’s capacity and by it I am saved through faith, I’m healed by it,  I’m free by it,  I’m prosperous by it, I’m whole by it)  and if there be any praise (The blood of Jesus is forever on me, all my sins, past, present and to come are forever washed away – there is no more record of sin on me anywhere – it’s all been paid and wiped clean by Jesus Christ, I have everlasting life) fix your thinking on these things.”


If you’ll do this, you will not be like Job who got the wrong things and it kept coming because of wrong thinking, but instead it won’t be long until you will experience all the right things that will keep coming because of all the right thinking.

A year of greater… think about it!!


A Year of Greater
July 21, 2017

Proverbs 21:30, AMP
“There is no (human) wisdom or understanding or counsel (that can prevail) against the Lord.”

Do you have a dream of a better life, a greater life, a desire to see your family and yourself living the good life?   Did you know that God has already arranged all of that for you and made it ready for you to enjoy… not someday in the sweet by and by, or “when we all get to heaven, what a day of rejoicing that will be”… No!! It’s ready now…today!   Today is the day of your salvation (Soteria, is the Greek word for salvation which means deliverance, protection, peace, health, joy, safety, healed, whole, made to do well in any position or place, prosperity and living a non-typical life).

Here is the exciting part; nothing on this earth…no one, no thing, no forces of darkness, nor any human being… can stop what God has already planned, put in place, and made secure for you by the sacrifice of Jesus!  To reign in life as Romans 5:17 AMP declares, “reign like a king in THE KINGS plan of my life”, will require me to enforce it, not to be passive, but to be passionate about it and go for it! Take it by force; by way of enforcement. God said in His word to put on the whole armor of God. The armor of God is for pursuing not fleeing. It’s not for you and I to be passive - it’s a call to action. This is not for a boring, defeated life. This life in Christ, this salvation, is anything but typical. It’s time to get started - no more waiting around. Release Holy Spirit! Did you know or realize Holy Spirit is the enforcer of salvation, righteousness (to be always in right standing with God)?   Holy Spirit is the muscle in the earth left by Jesus on our behalf and He’s not your typical wind you may be use to.   No, He’s a rushing mighty wind! Able to shake buildings, open prison doors, blind eyes if need be, stop boasting evil spirits and much more! He flows on the words of believers who pursue righteousness by prayer!   Prayer is the pursuit of all that’s righteous and anything secured in righteousness by Christ Jesus for me. Prayer, this way of praying, is not your typical way of praying - begging and pleading, bargaining with God. No, prayer is me proclaiming, declaring, demanding my rights, my case of righteousness, secured for me by Jesus!  When I do this, Holy Spirit does what HE does best. Enforces my being in right standing with God, and nothing- no wisdom, no council, no understanding - can prevail against the Lord.

It is a year of greater…let’s flex our muscle in salvation – do it today!
Proclaim your righteousness in Christ!


A Year of Greater

June 30, 2017


Exodus 17:15 KJV

“And Moses built an altar and called the name of it Jehovah-Nissi.”


Have you given up, perhaps even run up the white flag of surrender, feeling like you can’t go on? Let me encourage you. First, this is not a time to quit.   It’s not a time to surrender. This is your year of greater! Greatness is in you! You have the most powerful force in all of the universe right now living inside of you – (The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit).

In this story of Exodus 17, God told the people of Israel to camp in Rephidim which means “resting place!” This territory happened to be occupied by a warring nation called Amalek which means “worry”. God had his people - the chosen people; the people He loves; the ones He delivered out of bondage - to purposely camp (to rest, meaning to be free from worry) right in the middle of worry! The territory of Rephidim was not really the most hospitable place to set up camp. Really, there was nothing around… it was a desert belonging to the Amaleks. Yet, God said camp here!

Today, this moment, this year, from now on, that’s exactly what you need to do…. set up camp! The camp of rest, (free from worry) right in the middle of worry! Moses built an altar in the desert and called it Jehoval-Nissi (the Lord our Banner). Why don’t you now do the same thing… alter your desert and take down the white flag of surrender, fear, stress, and worry - right in the middle of worry- and send up the banner of the Lord. Unlike the white flag of surrender that has nothing on it, that is nothing but the cares and worries of this world, the banner of the Lord carries the symbols of the empty cross, the empty tomb! When this banner is put on display, when it is put up and unfurled, it is clear to all who see it that this is the territory of victory - this is the place of “it is finished”!   Every enemy is defeated in this place… it is the camp of Greater is He that is in me than worry, fear, trouble that is in this world. It’s time to go from just saying the battle is not yours, to believing it. Decide right now to build an altar that will alter this desert of the enemy of worry. Believe that you are done with fear, worry, stress and sleepless nights. Today decide to camp here in the finished work of Jesus Christ and send up the banner of the Lord…victory;   uninterrupted victory.  It’s easy to send up this banner, just start right now to praise Him, thank Him. Thank you God for Jesus! Profess that you are blessed; you are free! Acknowledge that Jesus is Lord and King of Kings and He lives in you and is always for you.   Take down the white flag of nothing… nothing but worrying, stress, fear and cares. Release the banner of the Lord your God. By doing this, you’ve just demonstrated the battle has been won, the battle is done! You did it by praise! When the praises go up, (Jehovah – Nissi, The Lord our Banner) the white flag of surrender comes down in your life and goes up in the enemies camp!

Welcome to summer camp…Camp Greater, where our Banner, The Lord Our Banner is always on display!



A Year of Greater

June 23, 2017


Luke 1:38 NKJV

“Then Mary said; “Behold the maidservant of the Lord; LET IT BE UNTO ME ACCORDING TO YOUR WORD, and the angel departed from her.”


Because God is sovereign, meaning He is number 1; He cannot, nor ever will, violate His own word; He just can’t do what He wants when He wants because of the authority He originally gave to man (Adam and Eve) which He’ll never take back.   God limited Himself!   If God could do whatever He wanted when He wanted, He would have come down immediately and put an end in the garden to the mess Adam and Eve had made that very day, but because He gave His word and put the earth in their hands, He couldn’t! God flows through man and because God is a spirit, He needs the cooperation of man to see His great power work in this earth.   It took 4000 YEARS before someone fully cooperated with God so that God could enter the earth and clean up the mess that Adam and Eve made. That cooperation came through Mary. The virgin birth (do not miss this) gave God/Jesus AUTHORITY to now take it to the devil (see John 5:27). A person was needed to re-establish what Adam and Eve was able to do without any restrictions on their lives. This is what Jesus did for us when Mary cooperated with the Word of God so Jesus could come into this world. He then was able to pay for all sins and re-establish authority (the use of power, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit) for anyone who would believe!

Mary had had to cooperate, she wasn’t forced. She chose to allow God to flow through her! You lay hands on the sick and they will be healed. Matthew 10:8. God now heals the sick through us. You speak to the mountain about God and the mountain moves. Mark 11:23. God now moves mountains through your words.

Right now God is flowing through me for you, to help you so you can now know what to do to get results in your life and enjoy life and that more abundantly (John 10:10). Respond now…that’s your part, that’s what the bible calls faith! Mary was needed then to cooperate so Jesus could come into the earth and solve the problem that Adam and Eve made, and it’s still the same today; you’ll need to cooperate with the Word of God, the power of God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit in you. Nothing will happen without your cooperation, the use of authority given to you!   It is a year of Greater… greater health, finances, marriages, relationships, job promotions, having all debts cancelled, peace, strength, whatever this word promises. Just as Mary decided, so now you do the same. A year of Greater… “BE IT UNTO ME,” I release this power by authority in Jesus Name!



A Year of Greater
June 16, 2017

Ephesians 4:26 KJV
“BE YE ANGRY AND SIN NOT; Let not the sun go down upon your wrath.”

Today I want you to do just what the scripture says to do. I want you to get good and angry. In fact (or should I say truthfully), God has “commanded” that we should be angry (movement to punish). You should be angry at sickness, lack, fear, worry and pain; you should be angry at having to be in debt, living from paycheck to paycheck; you should be angry that your marriage is falling apart; you should be angry at addictions, cancer, ADHD, COPD, high blood pressure, type 1 or 2 diabetes!   The power of God is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit in you. Your issue - your problem - is not God! God is never the author of any problem. He is not in control of any of those problems or issues. Because of Jesus and what He did for us, WE are now in control over these things. What is now needed is for you to know and do your part. Get angry (movement to punish), direct your anger correctly, and sin not (to miss the mark). God is not, nor ever will be, the source of your problems, so don’t talk to God about your problem or issue… that’s missing the mark. Don’t get upset with God, complaining and feeling sorry for yourself… that’s missing the mark. This is not a time to be passive. It is a time for you to be angry (movement to punish). All those problems and issues have, and currently are, robbing you of a year of greater. They have limited you, caused you to feel defeated, and even caused you to settle for less! This calls for anger (movement to punish). God wants you to…He’s commanded you to!   So let’s do this thing… let’s get angry… it’s payback time, time to punish. No more of this life any longer! Now use your words and target them at your problem, your issue. Say, “this is enough (whatever this is) I’ve had it … you have gone on long enough…. back off, you’ll go no further, this stops now in the Name of Jesus!   Greater is He that is in me, than anything that is in this world. Greater peace, health, job, life, is now in Jesus Name!   I release this power…the Father, the Son (His finished work) the Holy Spirit…. I’m free, and I’m staying free!” Now just keep that up, stay thankful, praise Him, and don’t let up. This is your wrath…this is being angry and sinning not. It feels good to be angry and know you didn’t miss the mark!

Welcome to Greater!!!


A Year of Greater
June 9, 2017

Philippians 4:19 Amp
“But my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”

Did you know that all your needs have already been met?  That’s right, it’s not a type-o.  Everything you could ever have need of has already been anticipated and secured for you by Jesus Christ.  When Jesus said “it is finished” on the cross, not only was all sin forever addressed, the devil was also thoroughly defeated and the way that was blocked is now open to full provision.  Every need, all and everything you could ever have a need of, or ever will have a need of, is now open to you.  It is impossible to have redemption without total provision securely in place.  God The Father, The Holy Spirit, along with all of the angels are waiting on you to direct them to whatever you have need of this day, this month, this year and for the rest of your life, here on this earth!  It was Jesus and what He did for us at the cross, who secured everything we would need for life and godliness (I Peter 1:3).    The Father,  The Holy Spirit and all of heaven draws from this now.  It is no longer up to God to respond to my need; He has responded  by sending Jesus and Jesus permanently secured an endless supply on my behalf, and all of heaven will draw from it for me when directed to do so.  I now get to direct that power (the Father, the Holy Spirit, all of the angels) to that need.  The scripture says “He knows what you have need of before you even ask (direct)”  Mathew 6:8.   You still have to direct that power  where to go.  For example, the doctors report says you have (____  you fill in the blank).  There is now a need for healing that is supplied by Jesus, already in place – not coming down from Heaven, but inside of you, where the Father, Son and Holy Spirit abide…dwell.  

Now my prayer should sound like this:  *“Father, here’s the report.  But I believe that by the stripes of Jesus I am healed.  That healing has been provided by Jesus on the cross.   I command this (____whatever it is) to stop – you are arrested in Jesus Name and I release healing that is in my body in Jesus Name"*.  Immediately, because of the use of Jesus’ Name, the Father, Holy Spirit and all of heaven go to work drawing from what Jesus has supplied in redemption… pushing out sickness and putting in place healing where sickness once abided.  This is true for anything in your life.  Heaven will draw from the supply of riches in glory securely put in place with your name on it by Jesus Christ.  Pushing out, pulling in, replacing or restoring, building up or demolishing, throwing out or ushering in.  A year of Greater waits for you in supply!  Take that power and direct a same old year of less to be thrown out and usher in Greater today in Jesus Name!  


A Year of Greater
June 2, 2017

Mark 11:23 Amp
"And Jesus said (You say to Me) If you can do anything?  (Why) All things can be (are possible) to him who believes.”

The “power” to change any situation, I mean really any and all situations, is in you!   The empty cross along with the empty tomb is God responding to you, so you can live a holy life:  It is so important to understand that the word "holy" means separate, set apart for power and with power!  Being born -  again all my sins forever forgiven- means The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit have come into my life forever.  That is “THE POWER!”   The power in me to change any situation is ready, available and able, waiting on me to release them by authority given me through the blood of Jesus Christ.  Authority is voice activated, it’s faith in God’s Word that what I have spoken, I believe has happened, is happening.  I have released power (The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit) permission to do what only they can do…deliver, heal, remove, stop, interrupt time, over-turn decisions against me, revive, return, restore, advance and change anything and all things to those who believe!  

Jesus said speak to your mountain not Him or God (Mark 11:23).  To see change happen, or experience this power, the releasing of the Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit, start speaking to your mountain about God, not to God about your mountain.  Power waits for authority to direct it where it should go by words expressed in faith.  In the name of Jesus I speak to lack; your days are over.   I release prosperity and abundance!  In the name of Jesus I speak to pain – your days are over.  Stop now.  I release healing in my body.  For everything and anything to change the power is there.  This is your year of Greater, so take a power walk today,  have a power lunch, drink a power aide and enjoy a power nap!  The most powerful force in the universe is in you waiting to be directed where to go – Greater is He (them) that are in you than anything that is in this world.  All things are possible (full of power) to those who believe.  You are fully charged with 3 bars of power – now use them!!  


**May 26, 2017**
**A Year of Greater**

*Joshua 10:13, NIV
“So the sun stood still and the moon stopped till the nation avenged itself on its enemies.””*

Joshua is mainly known for the battle of Jericho where the walls came tumbling down due in part to a shout, but did you also know that Joshua stopped the sun when he called out to the Lord?  The sun actually stood still because a man called out to the Lord!

Fast forward now to Mark 10:46-52.  It is the account of another man stopping the sun.  This time it is the Son of Man, The Son of God.  Mark records that Jesus stopped when Bartimaeus cried out.  Bartimaeus found himself in Jericho with the walls of blindness unable to come down.  He shouted but they still remained.  He needed the Son to stop for him and He did!!!   The Son of Man, The Son of God, stopped when a man cried out to him!  Bartimaeus’ blindness left him in a life of less, it left him by the roadside.  Left him begging and in want, but that was all about to change.  When Bartimaeus heard it was Jesus passing by, that day was not going to be like any other day before or ever again (Joshua 10:14).  Bartimaeus stopped the Son and the walls of blindness came down and everything else came down as well, from begging to being in want - it all ended when the Son stopped for him.  

Here’s the good news if you are born again, washed in the forever blood – never able to lose salvation, secured by Jesus Christ.  The Son stopped for you!  You stopped the Son when you called out to Him.  Just like Joshua experienced in Joshua 10 and Bartimaeus in Mark 10, there’s never been a day like that day or ever will there be again.  The Son – stopped for you!  That means the battle is won.  The walls of blindness, begging and want have come down.  Instead of less, it’s a life time of best.  Jesus, The Son said to Bartimaeus,  “Go!”  and immediately he received.  The Son has stopped for you…  Go! It’s a year of Greater;  it’s a time of peace,  joy and  abundance.  Throw off the cloke of excuses like Bartimaeus did and see.  See that the Son has stopped for you.  It’s a day unlike any other day that was.  It’s a Day of Greater, a Year of Greater, a Life of Greater!   Go!!!
Go and enjoy it;  Go and receive it!  


**A Year of Greater **
**May 19, 2017**

*Job 22:28 Amp
“You shall also decide and decree a thing and it shall be established for you; and the light (of God’s favor) shall shine upon your ways.”*

Well, have you decided to believe, to participate in a year of greater?   The scripture says you get to decide.   What you believe and who you believe is your choice!   You can either go with God’s word and what it says about you, or you can go with what people have said about you.  The truth is you get to decide and then decree it!  

Who are you?  You decide!   

To decree is something only kings can do…royalty.   When a decree by the king was declared, the fastest messengers on horseback would race from the capital to all the parts of the kingdom to enforce what the king had decreed.   It was an order.   A command that would be carried out.   **THE KING HAS DECREED!**    The decree could be about anything on the topic of anything.  No matter what it was, everything and everyone would have to do what was decreed.   

Greater is ready to happen for you.  You get to decide – you get to choose it!  If you don’t choose, if you don’t decree, someone else will!   Don’t hand your future over to someone else.  Decide to go with greater – what God’s word says about you this year!    Decree – *“I’m not handing my peace, my joy, my family’s safety, to anyone!   I have decided to follow and believe God’s word. I am declaring as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.  I’m going to live for Him.  No weapon forged against me can prosper.  The blessings of the Lord are commanded upon me.  I’m blessed and so are the generations of my family after me.   My Father owns cattle on a thousand hills and He shares them all with me.  I decree greater blessings, greater joy, peace and prosperity.  This is a year of greater.”*

If you have just said that then your words have just touched off a whirlwind of activity.   Angels are now racing to carry out and enforce what you have just said.  **THE DECREE IS GIVEN** – everything and anything will have to do what was ordered.   *“It shall be established for you and the light (of God’s favor, His power, His capacity, His ability) shall shine (enforce it) upon your ways*.


**A Year of Greater**
**April 28, 2017**

*John 16:23 NKJV
“And in that day you will ask me nothing.  Most assuredly, I say to you whatever you ask the Father in My Name He will give you!”*

Jesus said in that day… what day?  That day He defeated all sin, sickness, poverty, all of darkness and Satan’s entire kingdom --- that day!!    Here’s the good news, if you are born again, forever washed in the blood of Jesus Christ, today is that day!!   Now you can use the name of Jesus to obtain anything that pertains to life and godliness through the knowledge of Him (*what Jesus did at the cross*).  

The name of Jesus is not just a way to end a prayer and that’s it…no, it is more that.  When I use the name of Jesus, I am releasing power called Grace.  (*God’s ability, capacity, and all His power*) through faith (*certain, without any doubt*) in that Name and this day of salvation that what has been secured for me and for my entire life, I will receive and enjoy!

There’s a table prepared for you right now, fully furnished with anything you might need or even want, and according to scripture, you and I are seated with Christ there.  I now use the name of Jesus to move whatever is on that table for me, to me, so that I can enjoy it (*that your joy may be full – fully satisfied*).

Perhaps this may help.  Let’s say I am at a table that is twenty feet long and at the other end of that table there is the main dish of which I really want.  To get what is down there to where I am, I simply ask “would you please pass the main dish?”    I begin a process of moving what’s on the table coming to me and no matter how many people are at the table no one will refuse my request for what I have asked for (*most assuredly, I say to you whatever you ask the Father in my Name, He will give you.*)

 This is a year of greater - an entire year fully furnished for you by Jesus to enjoy.  Get the process started today…it’s your year of Greater.  Ask the Father anything in Jesus Name and it will end up right where you are today… seated with Christ.  So enjoy, greater has been served up for you!  


**A Year of Greater**
**April 21, 2017**

*Exodus 25:10 NIV
“Have them make a chest of acacia wood.”*

Today I’d like to talk to you about the whereabouts of the Ark of the Covenant.   God told Moses when establishing the tabernacle, (the place where God would meet with His people) to build furniture for the tabernacle.  The very first piece he was to focus on (which would be the most important part of all the tabernacle) was this chest of acacia wood.  Completed it would be known as the Ark of the Covenant.  (for details of the Ark, see Exodus 25:10-22).   

The Ark of the Covenant would be the symbol and place of God’s unlimited power for the children of Israel.  Whenever the Ark was taken into battle, any battle, the outcome was always the same…victory for all of Israel.   It was the seat and source of greatness for anyone who was a part of this covenant.  The Ark was the only visible and tangible power here on earth for them.  Without the Ark of the Covenant, Israel was vulnerable.

Now no one is really sure when the Ark was lost to history or where its location is.  It appears that the prophet Jeremiah is the last to know of its whereabouts and he is not telling!   When Jesus was here on earth, He represented the seat, the symbol, the visible and tangible source of power much like the Ark.  He was power of unlimited capacity.  He was victory wherever He went and whoever was near Him would prosper.  He is still that today!  

So where is the Ark of the Covenant?  Well, if you are born again, washed in the blood of Jesus, it is in you!  The greatest source of power for any battle, any situation that appears hopeless, any areas that are fruitless, is living inside of you.  Wherever you go, He goes…  *Greater* goes!  Today is a day of victory… so is tomorrow, the next day and the day after that.  It is a year of Greater.  Greater peace, joy, prosperity…anything!  Here is what is really exciting … the enemy knows it and can’t do a thing about it.  The power of God has come into you.  *Raise a shout! Shake the ground with the refrain:  Greater is He that is in me!  The enemy is in trouble now…not you!  Nothing like this has happened before.  Woe to us is the enemy’s response.  Nothing can deliver us from this.  This God who struck down the Egyptians is against us – give up.  We are in for it… we’re done. (I Samuel 4:5-8).*

Greater is with you!  Greater is in you… now get going with it!  


**A Year of Greater
April 14, 2017**

*Hebrews 12:2
“Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author of our faith, who for the joy set before Him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.”*

In order for Jesus to overcome going to the cross for you and I, taking on the sins of the entire world, He had to fix His eyes.  Jesus chose to see beyond the cross.   Seeing beyond the cross, we are told, brought Him joy.  Joy is the first sign that grace is at work in ones life.  Grace is God’s power, ability and capacity.  It allows you to sing when you are locked in the inner prison, to say *you are a shield for me, my glory and the lifter of mine head, when 10,000 come against you!*  For you to experience greater today - for greater to be a part of your life - you’ll need to fix your eyes… not on the trouble, not on how bad the situation may look, not even on what others may be saying!   What brought Jesus such joy that the shame, the pain and the whole event of the cross wasn’t going to be His focus?  That joy was and still is YOU and I.   The joy of knowing that man would be set free from sin and all of the toll it had been taking on mankind; the joy that a relationship with a Heavenly family would be restored where God is our Father.  Storms would be stilled and healing could now be experienced.  Goodness and mercy would follow you all the days of your life.  This is what brought Jesus such joy.  Jesus meditated on this… He used His imagination.  He imagined you and I free, delivered and whole.  By doing this, it carried Him beyond the cross to the place of sitting down at the right of His Father; the place set aside for Him.   There’s a place set aside for you this year - Greater is reserved for you!   To get there, fix your eyes on Jesus, imagine your life, your family, your marriage your health – greater this day…this year.  See yourself free from worry, pain and fear.  If you’ll do that it will take you beyond what you may feel is your cross experience.  The reality of joy unspeakable and full of glory will happen.  So come on…drop the debate - start to meditate!  Greater is waiting for you… imagine it!  Enter now into the joy of the Lord… it will take you to greater!




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