What would any church do without women in ministry?

Our desire is for women to be “IN” the know...  

 We will strive to:

IN-VOLVE - Offer Women an Environment

Make ECOG Women’s Ministry a place where friendships grow as women connect in a community.   It is our hope that this will lead into a desire to want to frequent ECOG often!

IN-CLUDE - Offer Women Connections

Provide settings where women immediately feel comfortable.   Retreats, Outreaches, Bible Studies, Monthly Meetings, Parties, and Social Activities, will provide an outlet for women to relax, and to deepen relationships with others.

IN-STRUCT - Offer Women Jesus!

Lead women to receive Jesus and base their lives around the Word of God.   Provide exciting atmosphere’s which promote worship and faith and the necessity and benefits of having Jesus with you each and every day!

IN-SPIRE - Offer Women Growth

Awesome leadership arises when women glean knowledge.   It is our goal to provide a training ground for women to learn, and enable women to discover their gifts, so they will strive for their full potential – fulfilling their destiny!

IN-FLUENCE - Offer Women Opportunity

As women progress in their walk with God and spiritual gifts are developed, encourage them to use their gifts to enrich the lives of others.  Equip them with the necessary tools to be successful – promoting confidence and outlets for ministries.

 We have monthly women's meetings with various themes, decorations, door prizes, guest speakers, dramas and a variety of program ideas.

"Chit-Chat with the Chicks"

We encourage all women to participate in Bible studies, prayer chains and the various avenues of service offered by our women's ministries.



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