June – September

The purpose of small groups for the Edgemere Church is to encourage friendship.

We invite you to become part of whatever group interest you! YOU BELONG with us!!



Agape House - Pastor Jude & Suzi –

                We meet each Sunday evening in host homes or scheduled areas. The group exists for the purpose of encouraging friendships. Each Sunday night, we hang out and discuss youth perspectives based on what we heard in the Sunday morning service. Everyone chips in and brings refreshments & drinks; we play games, goof off, and have a blast! Hope you will join us if you are between the ages of 15 – 19!

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Brick House - Pastor Doug & Dancie Fetty –

                We meet each Sunday evening at host homes or sometimes at the snowball stand, or the softball field - who knows where we will all end up! But regardless, we have such fun! If you are in Middle School – this is the group for you! Make new friends & get a little bit more of what God has for your life through relevant discussions! We look forward to you hanging with us! Everybody chips in with sodas/popcorn/junk food, etc and it’s gone by the end of the night! See ya Sunday!

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The EDGE - Pastor Kevin & Jessica Quinn –

                We currently meet as a small group on Sunday evenings at the church in the music room. If you or someone you know struggles with addictions – this is the place to be! THEN, once a month, we host an outing with you in mind! Cookouts, ice cream socials, game nights - lots of fun with a devotional time also included. We would love for you to join us on Sunday nights & and the “on location” dates will be announced monthly!

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Kastle Rock Kidz – Pastor Ron & Nikki Hamilton –

               Children have small groups too!!! We currently meet with children each Sunday evening at 6 pm & Wednesday evenings at 7 pm. During these times, we offer a variety of events and studies for your child. Craft times and game nights always presented with a message are offered each week and we meet in the Castle!

                We are now expanding our small group to include outings! Watch the announcements for picnics, playgrounds, bike nights, bounce houses, baseball training and more! We will meet for these fun nights on either a Wed. or a Sun. in place of the classroom small group.

Sign your child up today - Kastle Rock Kidz! It “ROCKS”!

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Always Room (for one more friend) - Chaplain Amber Scott.

                If you are between the ages of 20-35 – here’s a place for YOU! Always Room is a group where you can be assured of laughter and encouragement. Game nights, events, & conversational studies in an informal setting to help grow, establish & create friendships! We hope you’ll join us!

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Transitions - Chaplain Roger & Marsha Bennett & Missions Director, Scott Ryan

               Are you newly married? Have you been married for a long time? Are you divorced? Are you separated? You Belong with us!!!

Come have some fun with people in similar situations - we’ll play games, laugh, & have some great discussions! We can’t wait to get to know you better - join us!!

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Fitting In, (Where to start) - Chaplain Paul & Niki Jackson, Chaplain Joseph Cole, Reverend Buffi Phillips, Chaplain Robbie Gochanour, & Chaplain Mike Grimes.

               Are you new to this church? Are you new to church at all? Are you looking for a church? Have you ever been to church? Come check this group out! We will introduce you to Edgemere Church - it’s definitely a place where you belong!!!

We will help you know what is offered at this awesome place, and introduce you to friends as well as help get you established while engaging in conversational studies of the Bible! It’s a great place to start!  

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Country Time Lemonade - Senior Ministry Directors - Nelson & Jean Gains.

                If you are 60 years of age or older – you belong with us!!! Pastor Jude & Suzi along with our Senior Ministry Directors host this group on the deck! Come join us for lemonade, laughter & lessons… You’ll be glad you did & we will be glad you came!

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